Construction and Building Materials

Construction and Building Materials

In the field of construction and real estate, with 6 first grade qualifications of the industry, a comprehensive development industry distribution was formed basing on building operation, curtain wall, doors and windows combined with  steel framing, external elevator ,stereo garage and so on. Providing the overall service system including designing、researching、producing and installing. Effective controlling of the cost and meanwhile improving project quality, Qingdao FAW-VK Industrial Park, World Trade Center, La Lu hotel、Rizhao Library and Wan Ji International center were awarded the National Construction Decoration. Striving for advanced technology,  we are the first to have the production qualification for photovoltaic curtain wall 、fireproof door and window. In order to improve and upgrade our technology, we cooperate with the world-leading curtain wall companyItaly ALUK to establish intelligent workshop,Providing the top supporting service for domestic customers, which helps to promote the technology progress of domestic construction decorations.





Industrial Distribution