IN 1996

 In 1996, renamed as Shandong Jinma Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.

IN 1980

In 1980, with the tide of the reform and opening up all over the China and under the leadership of Mr. Ma Chengxun, who was the CPC branch secretary and director of the factory at that time,  the factory took the road of foreign trade and export and got the good opportunity to break through the development.  The American type sledge hammer was produced and exported for the first time at that year.

IN 1992

fIn 1992, Rizhao City Hardware Industrial Group Co. was founded. The main products exported were hardware tools, riggings and the domestic business were construction and building materials.

In 1994, made shareholding reform and founded Rizhao City Hardware Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

IN 1994

IN 1953

 In 1953, Rizhao County Shijiu Iron and Wood Commune (predecessor of Jinma Industrial Group) was founded, which mainly produced farm tools and agricultural machinery accessories with sales revenue CNY 24,800 and profit CNY 4,700 in the year. 



IN 2002-2003

During 2002-2003, established onejointventure company and onesubsidiary (produced fine chemicals). The group began to develop with diversification.

IN 2005

In 2005, the headquarters and some subsidiaries were moved into Jinma Industrial Park and began to produce the critical auto parts. The transformation and upgrading of machinery products was realized.

IN 2005-2007

During 2005-2007, two joint-venture companies were founded.

IN 2016

In 2016, in order to keep sustainable and healthy development, Jinma group began to make the system management reformed with the consulting experts of Beijing China Stonegroup since August 1, 2016, which is another milestone in the development history of Jinma. From then on, Jinma went on a journey of one hundred year.

IN 2018

In 2018, rename as Jinma Industrial Group Co.,Ltd, now Jinma is an internationalized and diversified industry goup with total assets CNY 2.2 billion.