Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

【The Core Idea of Jinma Culture】
Corporate Mission:Intelligent manufacturing for better life
Corporate Vision:With the core of advanced manufacturing, build a diversified industrial group with global influence.
Core Values:Honesty, Practicality, Innovation, Win-win
Code of thought and Conduct for Leaderships: Be honest, Focus on overall situation,Learn diligently, Be innovative, Be the role model, Undertake bravely
Code of thought and Conduct for Staffs:
Dedication, Responsibility, Ambition, Concentration for excellence
Learning, Implementation, Fighting, Cohesion for moving forward
【Jinma Mark】
  一、 JENNOUR is transliterated from our word brand “Jinma”, with accurate rhyme, clear pronunciation and the most pronunciation retained of “Jinma”in order to highlight the brand image, promote the     brand recognition, and have brand duration in the world.
  二、The main color is steady dark blue,embellished with vivid orange, which embodies the focus of the enterprise on steady, quality and intelligence development, and meanwhile shows the time                 spirit,initiativelystriving and pioneering spirit.
  三、Every letter has their own meaning.
  J—JUMPER:Jump over time and space and barriers, and in the future make a jumping over development connecting the past and future perfectly.
  E—EXPLORER:Explore the mold ofcorporate development and management, and theremarkableachievements made today represents the coverage and pioneering spirit of Jinma Group.
  N—NARRATOR:Jinma Group narrates the magnificent chapter of China manufacturing industry with self-development history ,which is the biggest profession to manufacturing industry, and the best             promoting for corporate spirit.
  M—MAKER:in the future, with perseveranceon innovation-driven and intelligent transformation, Jinma will promote the continuous upgrading of “JINMA MADE”, strive for forming JinmaGroup development       of new energy and speed up transformation from alarge manufacturing enterprise to the strong one.
  O—OBSERVER:It is a prospective and pioneering vision experience, and is also the foresight of Jinma initiatively integrating into the world and the rapid globalized developing tide.
  U—UNDERTAKER:Reflecting our responsibility conception “Benefit from society and reward the society”, Jinma will as always voluntarily undertake the responsibility and obligation under the mission     of the new era, to make contributions to social progress and people’s livelihood development.
  R—REFORMER:Jinma has the courage to breakthrough self-limitation and to be the reformer of the new era, in order to catch more competitive adwantages.